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On September 5, 2019 Teachers Day was celebrated by students and staff members with great enthusiasm.


From 14th September 2019 Hindi Diwas was started at our school various activities like Hindi Calligraphy Competition, Debate etc were organized for the students.


On 6th September A special Assembly and slogan writing was organized on account of international Day for the preservation of the ozone layer.



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Fee Structure

Details of Fee structure session 2019-20

Class                Tuition Fee(Rs)                       Annual Charges(Rs)

I                                   1000                               5000

II                                  1000                               5000

III                                 1000                               5000

IV                                 1000                                5000

V                                  1000                                5000

VI                                 1000                                5000

VII                                1000                                5000

VIII                               1000                                5000