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On September 5, 2019 Teachers Day was celebrated by students and staff members with great enthusiasm.


From 14th September 2019 Hindi Diwas was started at our school various activities like Hindi Calligraphy Competition, Debate etc were organized for the students.


On 6th September A special Assembly and slogan writing was organized on account of international Day for the preservation of the ozone layer.



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Library: The Minerva Public School Library is one of the hallmarks of the school. Our school library consists of wide variety of books and journals. It is stocked with over 1700 books and a variety of magazines and periodicals.

Following are the Magazines and Newspaper available in the library:        


$11.      India Today

$12.      Champak

$13.      Wisdom

$14.      Knowledge Quest

$15.      Magic Pot

$16.      Science Reporter

$17.      National Geographic Kids

$18.      Nandan

$19.      Bal Bharti

$110.  LotPot

$11.      Paribodh

$12.      Bal Hans

$13.      Nanhe Samrat

$14.      Akadd Bakdd

$15.      Tell Me Why


$11.      Amar Ujala

$12.      Daily Excelsior

$13.      The Tribune

All articles in the library will be carefully checked and selected.

                                                             Library Rules

The school library is open to all students of Minerva Public School Barnoti. One book per work will be issued to each student. The student should observe the following rules:

$1·         Strict silence must be maintained in the library.

$1·         Books lost/damaged/disfigured will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower.

$1·         Books have been arranged and catalogued. They must put back in the proper shelf, if you are not borrowing the same. It will help to keep the library in order.

$1·         Personal books/ belonging are not supposed to be brought into the library.

$1·         No students may take books out of the library without the permission of the librarian.

$1·         The due date for returning the books is 7 days later from the date of issue.

$1·         Students should return books on/with in the due dates, failing which a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged.

$1·         It is a manchatory for students to return the books before the Holidays and the school Examination.